Personal Variables’ Effect in Recognising the Preference of Career Choice of Undergraduate Students

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Dr. Abhigyan Bhattacharjee, Miss Brenda D Marak


This study focused on the personal variables in recognising the preference of career choice of undergraduate students. This research is limited to empirical findings to the theoretical implication to the variables of 'personal' dimensions. Inputs were taken from the sample undergraduate students from different institutions within the state of Meghalaya, India. Majority of sample units of the students belonged to the Khasi, Garo, and Jaintia ethnic tribal groups in Meghalaya. Altogether 410 undergraduate students were included in the study through random (lottery) method drawn from altogether 56 colleges from the disciplines of Arts, Commerce and Science. The study was conducted upon the final year undergraduate students to assess the path taken for their career choice. The study found that the personal factors’ self-efficacy component has the most impact on the students' career choice. The significant relationship between all the sub-dimensions of personal and career choice was found to be moderate and optimistic.

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