Pulse Diagnosis With Application Ofartifical Intelligence Incorporating Arduino And Heart Rate Sensor

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Dr.V.R. Ravi, Nivetha K. Sathiyan, S. Vinitha, S. Sivasaravanababu, J. Mythili


Pulse diagnosis is a diagnostic technique used in several healing systems to determine the health conditions and course of treatment for patients. Ayurveda has determined that there are three types of pulse. The Vata pulse is felt under the index . The Pitta pulse is taken under the center finger, and therefore the Kapha pulse is found under the annualry . The Vata pulse are often determined by a skinny , fast and irregular rhythm under the skin. The pulse provides information on the condition of blood circulation and may thus be utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine to see a patient's symptoms. Patient evaluation within Oriental medicine incorporates four traditional methods of inquiry - questioning, auscultation, observation and palpation. Assessment of the pulse (most commonly at the radial artery) is thought historically and in modern practice to contribute importantdiagnostic information to

‘palpation’, and thus play a significantrole guiding the clinicaldecisions that establish diagnoses.

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