Optimal Fuel Consumption using FUZZY-PI based RSC Control Strategy on Wind Driven DFIG, DG and Solar PV Array

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P. Siva Krishna, M. Anitha, P. Venkata Mahesh, N. Dharani Kumar, Ch. Ranga Rao, Dr. N.C. Kotaiah


This article focuses on creating a new method to dynamically optimize DFIG controllers in all wind speed situations using a WT-driven DFIG. Fuzzy-PI is recommended to optimize the damping ratios of the system eigenvalues in small signal control design by optimizing settings of PI controllers of DFIG's rotor side (RSC) at various wind speeds. The FLC has been developed and trained on the wind data set to provide optimum values and have the capacity to accurately predict such values in a short time frame. Flexible PI controller systems (such as FLC) are intended to adjust PI gain values when the wind speed changes. Using MATLAB software for a grid DFIG, and a DG system, simulation was carried out. A transitory improvement across a broad wind speed range may be achieved using FLC-based DFIG adaptive PI control.

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