Heart health prediction and classification using random forest and SVM algorithm in ML

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Miss. D. Gowdhami, Mr. S. Sivasaravanababu, R. Aravindhan, D. David Ezra


Technology is helping us a lot to improve the health sector in both pre and post-diagnostics. We wanted to leverage the AI/ML technology in the area of cardiac health prediction as we found out that cardiac-related health issues lead to fatal circumstances frequently. Our idea is to make an attempt to predict the heart health condition using some vital information collected from the patient. We have collected about 500 patient’s sample health data using which we wanted to build a prediction model using AI/ML. Our focus is more on implementing a prediction model as a technology Vs accuracy of the prediction as we are not the subject matter expert in the field of cardiac health. However,  we are planning to talk to some medical care experts/doctors to understand some basics about cardiac health and its vital parameters to assess the condition, etc so that our project reflects reliability to some extent for the scope of our submission but later it can be extended to reflect the complete reliability as we gain more knowledge and feed more data to the model.

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