IoT-Enabled air pollution monitoring system with digital dashboard on smartphone

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Mrs.D.Gowdhami, Akshay Kumar N, Dhanush Kumar N3,


Air pollution is considered to be one of the major problems in India. The major reason for the deaths are that people are not aware of the air which they are breathing daily. People should be always aware of the AQI (Air Quality Index) value around them and also should be cautious about the air quality around them. The air quality level should be intimated regularly to the people. Our model consist of a Arduino UNO which is a microcontroller integrated with the PM2.5 sensor which is the optical dust sensor and MQ135 which is a gas sensor used to indicate various harmful gases like CO, NO2. The DHT11 which gives us the temperature and humidity is integrated along with this model. Further this readings are monitored using the open source IoT analytics application using the internet connected using hardware via the ESP8266 module. If any harmful gases or when the AQI value exceeds above certain value or if any harmful gasses detected along with the increase in AQI value the application will notify the user about the harmfulness of the air around. The model is implemented successfully and this will bring awareness among the people.

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