Model predictive control of power converters

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Paidipala Surender, Rajasekhara Reddy Boggula


In this article, Model predictive control of the dynamical system with fast open-loop dynamics is presented. The success of MPC depends on the model being used to approximate the system's dynamic behavior under consideration. Kautz functions are formulated in a state-space-like representation to develop the system's model, as they are very good at approximating the signals. A two parametric Kautz model is employed to identify the dynamic characteristics of the system, and the same model is utilized as a replica of the system in the design of MPC and MPC design, a suitable objective function is chosen which will minimize the error between the system output and reference input signal. The abilities of the two parametric Kautz model and its capabilities in controlling systems with fast dynamics is demonstrated on DC-DC buck converter.

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