HRM practices, organizational commitment and employees’ satisfaction through the lens of AMO theory: The Jordanian Universities Perspective

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Lama Alfaouri , Nik Hazimah Nik Mat , Siti Falindah Padlee


 There is a burgeoning evidence on the role of human resource management for organizational achievement. This is especially true for universities that need to deal with many uncertainties and transformation in adapting to a current situation. This study attempts to shed light on the effect of human resource management practices and organizational commitment on employees’ satisfaction in Jordanian Universities. Based on data of 311 universities’ employees, the main finding of this study indicates that human resource management practices and organizational commitment has a positive direct effect on employees’ satisfaction. The same effect also recorded on organizational commitment. This study highlights that the elements of Ability, Motivation and Opportunity (AMO) captured in human resource practices significantly influence the employees’ satisfaction in the universities. The implication of this study emphasizes the focus on better formulation towards employee empowerment, better job design and effective human resource practices implementation to achieve the desired employees’ outcomes. The proposed model in this study could be used for future studies to link employees’ outcomes with different aspects of the academicians' experience.


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