Analyzing the Approach of Multi-Level Marketing and its Demand among Industries

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Enukurthi Anilkumar , Diganta Kumar Das , Sachin K Parappagoudar, Jayadatta S, Praveen B. Patil


In Multi-Level Marketing, they promoted their brand and service through their dealer who
sale their products, service to the customers. They educate and allow their new dealer to do
the same service. This study highlights the several protocols and legal problems facing
multi-level marketing, although it appears to be a development and we focus on those issues
and help us understand why a Multi-Level Marketing latest version continues to occur. Even
though it has many negative comments, soon it was implemented. The features of Multi Level Marketing were (a) multi-level marketing function (b) the regions in rules and
regulations and (c) why now employed and implied counter measures May not detract.
Furthermore, based on our long comprehension of MLMs and also their issues, we propose
additional countermeasures.

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