A study to evaluate the impact of breast crawl method on Initiation of breastfeeding

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Geeta Rawat , Dr. Prema Balusamy


Introduction: Breastfeeding is the best investment to uplift the economy of any country. Investing on the future generation not only secure the future of a country but also strengthen the wellbeing of its countrymen. To decrease the rate of newborn morbidity and mortality early initiation of breastfeeding is a very effective measure. Objectives: The objectives of the study are to evaluate the impact of breast crawl method on Initiation of breastfeeding between control and interventional group. Methods: A Quantitative research approach was used for the study.  A quasi-experimental design with non-probability convenience  sampling was used to select 60 mothers and  newborn pairs. Which were distributed into two groups: Interventional and control both contains 30 mothers and new-borns . The research Study was conducted in the labor room of Govt. hospital, Dehradun.  Breast Crawl method was intervened in the experimental group whereas routine method was carried out in the control group. Initiation of breastfeeding was assed using LATCH breastfeeding assessment scale. Data was recorded and compared between the two groups. Results: Study results exhibit that there was significant reduction in time of initiation of breastfeeding among new-born in the interventional group. Conclusion: Therefore, Breast Crawl method is a beneficial intervention which promotes early initiation of breastfeeding.  Hence this can be implemented as a universal practice to upgrade the health of future generations.

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