Correlational Study To Assess The Relationship Between Positive And Negative Attitude Level Of Nursing Students Towards Covid-19: A Cross Sectional Study

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Mr. Gaurav Pratap Singh, Dr. Prema Balusamy


Background:- A corona virus pandemic has affected the population of all over the world. It is a highly contagious virus spreading from human to human by respiratory droplet infection and close contact. Use of preventive measures plays an essential role to tackle with the spread of the viral infectious disease since there is no curative drug. Nursing students may play a vital role to educate the persons regarding the preventive measures of the illness with their positive attitude.

Objective-A co-relational descriptive survey design was used to find the correlation between positive and negative attitude toward COVID-19.

Methodology- The target population for the study was students of Keshlata College and school of Nursing Total 185 samples were selected using convenience sampling technique. A positive and negative attitude scale regarding COVID-19 including socio- demographic Performa as expressed by the students was used to assess the relationship between positive and negative attitude level towards COVID-19 among students. Collected data was analyzed by using descriptive and inferential spastics.

Result- The result of the study revealed that the correlation coefficient value (r-value) of positive and negative attitude level among college students is +0.471 by using Karl- Pearson correlation coefficient and it was significant because p- value is <0.05 i.e. 0.01 which shows that there was moderately positive correlation between positive and negative attitude level towards COVID-19  among the students.

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