Impact of Machine Learning on Economic Crisis for HR Managers during Covid-19

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Pooja Tripathi, Ms. Gazala Masood, J. R. Pitroda, Sushma Jaiswal, K.Suresh Kumar


The adverse changes caused by the pandemic COVID-19 have had an unprecedented effect on businesses worldwide and have had a significant impact on human resource management. On the other hand, HRM had to cope with the layoffs and staff reductions brought on by the pandemic lockdown. Organizations are currently dealing with an extraordinary crisis that is unlike anything they have ever faced before. HR is taking the initiative to predict change, co-creating various scenarios, and planning for the future. It has been found that machine learning (ML) significantly contributing to assisting HR managers in COVID-19. The paper aims to evaluate the impact of Machine Learning on the Economic Crisis for HR Managers during Covid-19. The quantitative method approach is used in the current paper. In addition, the paper examines the problems that HRM has faced in the business and the effects of the crisis on human resources. The research results provide remarkable insights for human resource managers and organizations using ML.

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