A Systematic Review on Spatial Domain Steganography & Cryptography Techniques

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D.Arul Suresh, Dr.R.Balasubramanian


The establishment of secure communication between two communicating parties is becoming a difficult problem due to the possibility of attacks and other unintentional changes during active communication over an unsecured network. Secret information, on the other hand, can be safeguarded using either cryptography or steganography. Steganography is the practise of concealing a message (with no traceability) in such a way that it has no meaning to anyone other than the intended recipient, whereas cryptography is the art of converting a plaintext (message) into an unreadable format. Thus, steganography hides the existence of a secret message, whereas cryptography modifies the message format itself. Steganography and cryptographic techniques are both powerful and resilient. The primary goal of this paper is to examine various methods for combining steganography and cryptographic techniques to create a hybrid system. Furthermore, some distinctions between cryptographic and steganography techniques were presented.

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