The Labor Market Of The Republic Of Uzbekistan In The Context Of The Covid-19 Pandemic

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Abdurakhmanov Kalandar Khodjaevich, Saidov Akmal Kholmatovich, Umurzakov Uktam Pardaevich, Kudbiev Sherzod Davlyatovich


In order to limit the direct effects of COVID-19 on the health of workers and their families and at the same time mitigate the indirect effects of the pandemic on the global economy, prompt and coordinated policy responses at the national and global levels are required under effective multilateral leadership. The primary concern here should be to protect workers and their families from the threat of infection. The most important role in stimulating the economy, in particular in terms of impact on demand, should be played by measures aimed at protecting those whose incomes have suffered as a result of infection or curtailment of economic activity. Rising unemployment and poverty in a pandemic remain a serious problem even in the most prosperous countries. The number of unemployed has increased in Uzbekistan. In Uzbekistan, a set of measures has been taken in relation to the pandemic of the coronavirus infection in its scope of the emerging problems and the set of tools used to solve them. The government of Uzbekistan is promptly responding to the ongoing spread of infection and the problems that arise in this regard. Most of the problems that arise are quickly stopped by decisions made, which substantially smooth out their severity. As a result, a comprehensive policy was developed in a short time to combat coronavirus infection and minimize its negative consequences for the population and the economy, which aims not only to solve the current problems of stopping the spread of the virus and treat patients, but also to preserve the country's economic potential under quarantine. Comparing the measures envisaged with foreign practices, it is necessary to state that the decisions taken are complex and systemic in nature, as they are based on the foreign experience studied in a short time, and cover the above-mentioned set of tools used abroad, and are also implemented sequentially.

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