Optimization of Trusses Using Genetic Algorithm

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Divyesh Solanki , Vishal A. Arekar , Vishal B. Patel


Optimization of trusses is very helpful in economic considerations. This study presents optimum design of 2D and 3D trusses using genetic algorithm. The objective function of the optimization algorithm is the weight of the truss with displacement constraint. Rank based selection is used to minimize the number of iterations to reach the optimum solution earlier. Algorithm for optimization of trusses has been developed in SCILAB using Genetic Algorithm. Genetic algorithm is a natural selection search method intended to combine good solutions to a problem from many generations to get best results. Initial generation is selected randomly and then crossover and mutation is done. All the Individuals are represented by a binary string and hence it is termed as bit-string programming. The algorithm was tested on a reference book problem and result in more optimized results with lesser calculative efforts.

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