A survey on Security Challenges in Mobile Ad hoc Networks

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C. Edwin Singh, Dr. J. Amar Pratap Singh


MANETs (Mobile Ad hoc Networks) is an infrastructure-less network in which mobile acts as a node, which is deployed for Mobile to Mobile communication and with Base Station (BS) to exchange information. MANETs helps in various activities such as military camps, disaster situations and in emergency situation etc. Due to the lack of infrastructure networks in MANETs, there is a high probability of security issues such as collision attack, man in the middle attack, authentication issues, establishing a reliable end-to-end communication path, and secure data transfer, etc. In this survey, we have discussed the security challenges to be faced while the deployment MANETs. Also, we discussed the four main aspects to be concentrated on to provide secure communication. The four main aspects are Routing – a selection of routes which provide reliability and unlink ability, Key Sharing – the most important aspect to provide a secure and attack free network, Authentication – Authentication of nodes in a network, Security – Data transfer. In this survey, we have concentrated on all four aspects of the network and analyzed to provide a secure and attack-free network

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