Testing of a Liquid Rocket Engine with Kerosene and HHO Fuels

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Rogith Sa, Hari Krishnan Kja, Gokulakrishnan S, Lokeshwar M, G Dinesh Kumar


The research to develop an alternative to carbon-based fuel is growing day by day. In this paper, we have discussed a way to generate HHO gas (Oxy-Hydrogen gas) from our Hydrogen-Hydrogen-Oxygen generator. The generated HHO gas was sent to the combustion chamber of a liquid rocket engine as a secondary fuel. The primary fuel used was kerosene and the oxidizer was gaseous oxygen. When the combustion chamber was completely filled with HHO gas, the primary fuel was injected at 3 bar pressure. Followed by the fuels, gaseous oxygen was injected at 6 bar pressure and the combustion was initiated. During the combustion, the combustion properties were evaluated and the obtained result was compared with the combustion properties of the liquid engine which uses only Kerosene (at 3 bar injecting pressure) and gaseous oxygen (at 6 bar injecting pressure). This research proved that the HHO gas is increasing the combustion performance on the liquid rocket engine.

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