“Correlation Analysis of Theoretical and Actual Pile Foundation Settlement using Standard Penetration Test Blow Count Value by Value Prediction Model”

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KishanWidhani ,Dr. Basant Kumar


The present study is focused on the evaluation of theoretical pile load settlement based on different approaches and analyzed the elimination of actual pile load test, which is costly and time-consuming. Under the suggested approach, actual pile load tests were performed at15thbattalion SAF, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India over an area of 1034 Sqm, on eleven bore holes with 20.00 meters at shallow depth. Soil samples were collected for all bores, and a complete investigation was made to understand the type of soil. Corrected Standard Penetration Test Blow Count(SPT- N) values were analyzed through geotechnical investigation reports done at the site. Modules of elasticity of soil and pile material were evaluated by using corrected STP-N values and predefined grade of pile concrete, respectively. Pile stiffness and settlement influence factors were calculated by using a model graph. Actual settlement values were determined on different load ranges vary from 0 to 150 Tons. Finally, a conclusive table for all value prediction models for different given SPT-N was used for theoretical settlement and established a correlation. The result shows that there is a positive correlation between theoretical and actual settlement values. With the application of increment constant, actual settlement is equal to the theoretical settlement with accuracy for CL and CI soil values.

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