Aggression Replacement Training for Conduct Disorder - A Study with Special Reference to Habitual Offenders in Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu, India

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V. Irudayarani, Dr. B. Selvaraj


This paper presents the significance of Aggression Replacement Training (ART) as an effective intervention program in modifying the Behavior of the offenders. The Aggression Replacement Training is a behavioral intervention for people who exhibit violent or aggressive behavior. Aggressive Behavior may have a variety of consequences, including lower learning achievement, poor social interactions, anxiety, depression, and sometimes even leads to suicidal tendencies. It is a multimodal curriculum that deliberately teaches healthy habits in order to replace antisocial behavior. Experimental research design has been employed for the purpose of the present study. Standardized instruments of (Gibbs, Barriga & Potter, 2001) and (Buss & Perry, 1992) has been utilized in the present study for the assessment of the variables in detail. A total of 30 samples were taken from the Tirunelveli district and used in the study. It can be observed from the results of the study that, ART to a vast extent positively influences the behavior change among the habitual offenders.

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