Medical Data Security and Privacy using Released Signature Schemes- Flexible Release Control

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B.Vedika, D.Rajeswara Rao


At the global level, various enterprises, public agencies, and governments have amassed vast amounts of digital data, thereby creating humungous amounts of knowledge-based applications. In view of the enormous potential thrown up by such innovative applications, the global business has witnessed a surge in demand in data collection. When huge amounts of data that are varied and sensitive in nature, are published and exchanged among various persons and entities, maintaining data security and personal privacy becomes a really challenging task. In particular, the patient information and health data leaks are highly potential for pharma companies for targeted marketing. It is very essential to provide security to the collected medical document. In this research article, we propose a novel technique called Released Signature Schemes and Flexible Release Control (RSS-FRC) to safeguard the documents both in transit and in rest. The document data is encrypted using image-based steganography technique and stored in cloud for effective retrieval process.

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