The Crisis of Social Science as The Crisis of Positivism

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Kanwar Muhammad Yasir Furqan, Dr Muhammad Imran Pasha, Muhammad Hashim, Muhammad Aqeel


This paper will explain the view that there is a crisis for social sciences. This crisis is taken by the philosophy of science that is also called interpretations. The effect of natural science application to social science is to be measured. This paper argues that real causes may be observed and known in natural phenomenon that is also called philosophy of science or positivism.

Positivism is the observance and study of natural sciences in natural phenomenon that is proved valid if studied on longitudinal bases. It is influenced by pure and real data in natural existence. A critique with subjective perspective on positivism is called interpretivism. Social science research is different from natural science as it includes culture, circumstances and context in which reality exists.

In this paper it will be discussed and presented that social science is based on realistic interpretations of natural sciences. It also defends positivism provides opportunity to researcher to observe and explain reality in objective and natural manner while interpretivism gives space to observe and study realities on subjective basis. As a result, interpretivism provides opportunity to study realities in in-depth on associated factors of social science and draw conclusions that are more acceptable to society. This shows that social is not empirical or mental job, it is concerned and associated with society.

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