Diagnosis Of The Feature Extraction For Brain Tumor In Matlab.

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Ajay Kumar Sharma, Dr. Manju Mandot


MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is on indispensible diagnostics tool in medical science, especially in the diagnostics of diseases & ailments of human brain. MRI is unsophisticated medical imaging technique used to produce high quality image slices of human brain, which when combined form a 3-D picture of the brain. MRI imaging is widely used for diagnostics & detection of brain tumor due to its high resolution & capability to show brain structure, tumor’s size location. The author has proposed hybrid algorithms employing image processing techniques on MRI image for tumor detection & classification. Coefficient in top, down & left, right (horizontal) traversal of image is complete to localize the tumor maximum & fuzzy logic identifies the part of brain affected & generates a list of symptoms & prognosis.

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