The role of foreign trade in the integration of the national economy into the world market

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Zokir R. Sodikov


Today, it demands that the modern national economy is interested in the global system. Therefore, to achieve long-term strategic success and gain a strong position in the world economic system, Uzbekistan is adopting economic integration into the international community as a priority task.

The development of the national economy depends on international economic relations and integration as the globalization process progresses.  It is influenced by the economic potential of partner countries and their constant increase. Therefore, integrating the national economy into the world market and the importance of foreign trade are important tasks to be studied continuously. At the stage of further liberalization of Uzbekistan, foreign trade integration tendencies were examined in this article. It explored the peculiarities of our country's economic relations with foreign countries and their socio-economic development impact. The purpose of this article is to assess the process of merging into the global market and demonstrate its characteristics. Ways to increase and improve the role of national foreign trade are recommended in strengthening the deep penetration of the country's economy into the international market.


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