The Practice Of Evaluating The Efficiency Criteria As A Method Of Involving Financial Resources

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Khayrullo N. Khasanov, Kaxramon T. Bazarov, Avazkhon T. Agzamov, Dilorom M. Mutalova, Dildora B. Abdusattarova


This paper outlines the prospects for introducing the practice of evaluating the effectiveness of criterion financing as a method of attracting financial resources. It also reveals the trends and peculiarities of the development of the capital market. In addition, practical recommendations for the effective use of foreign experience in developing capital markets in national practice have been developed. Based on the use of hybrid financing instruments, attracting financial resources from the capital market and the profitability of financing methods through the capital market are analyzed. Thus, the methodological rules for developing attraction of financial resources in the capital market and evaluating their effectiveness are studied, and the author's approach is specified. The criterion also analyzes the corporate conflicts of business owners regarding their financing development strategy.

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