Optimal Routing Path using Trident Form in Wearable Biomedical Wireless Sensor Networks

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M. Geethalakshmi, Kanimozhiraman, Jose Anand, R. Partheepan, S. Santhosh


Optimal route problem is one of the utmost important complications in network theory. The network used in this study is Wearable Biomedical Wireless Sensor Networks (WBWSN) which communicates the signals by attaching it to the patient’s body to the health monitoring station. In this paper, the Pascal’s Triangle Graded Mean (PTGM) are occupied beside the edges of Pascal’s triangle and it gives fuzzy triangular form which in turn converted to trident form. The objective of this study is to obtain the optimal route from the base node to the end node for packet routing for the decision maker in order to choose correct route and the optimal solution as the minimum cost in less time. Finding the optimal path routing through trident form in WBWSN to direct the packets from the wearable sensors as the base node to the health monitoring system as the end node.

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