Subjugation Of Women In Storm In Chandigarh By Nayantara Sahgal

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Rufeeda Hassan, Dr. Abrar Ahmad


 Assertion for rights is not the sole privilege of the Man but it has been yearning of the subdued woman with throbbing pulse to liberate herself for recognition, self-expression and individual fulfillment. To create one’s own space, identity, existence and individuality unlike the western woman, Indian woman asserts her presence as equal by remaining within the periphery of family even if they are highly educated and self-dependent. The plight and dilemma of a woman is the limited choice in decisions which are mainly determined by man. Nayantara Sahgal’s works deal with the plight and subjugation of married women in patriarchal Indian society. This Paper discusses how Indian women assert their freedom and independence when they are denied their independent existence and space in marriage and not recognized as equal partners in their relationships with their husbands. The paper deals with their struggle and fight for their freedom and independence.

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