Personality Description in the novel The Apprentice by Arun Joshi

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K.Suguna Priyadharshini, Dr. R. Palanivel


The most prolific Indian novelist Arun Joshi is considered as a new vision in Indian literature. In his themes, has rejects the world around him in approval of the inner consciousness and engages himself in the inherent search for the ethos of human living. His novels basic concern is human dilemma and so he attempts to picture, in all his novels, the inner crisis of the contemporary man. He deals extensively with certain ridiculous problems which emerge as forces to demolish every sphere of human life. Joshi’s hero Ratan, in The Apprentice gives the image of present society. His novels signify the kinds of perceptions in the society as well as the life style which is imbibe with the ambitions of the people. The entire novel adopts the oration mode of narration; the protagonist Ratan Rathor narrates his experiences with a lens on his eye to capture the hard realities of life. Rathor, the son of freedom fighter struggles to exist between two different ideals of his parents the Gandhi’s flawless ideas of Ratan’s father and the bourgeois attitude of his individual mother. As the novel carries the inner disputes of an individual with the alien world, learns the strategy to lead a life of his own. The hero, being caught between concentrating ideals, he ventures into follow his expedition of life, however, the expedition, in a world preoccupied with several ideologies, is not an enjoyable one as the entire world stand son his way as an enemy. They are unable to grasp on their personality in such a world of upstanding scepticism. The character, feels isolated from the society. This paper focuses attention on how Ratan in the novel The Apprentice shows the real life in the contemporary world as pictured of the author Arun Joshi.

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