Influence Of Scientific Attitude And Different Type Of School Students

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Dr.M.Soundararajan , K.Balasubramanian,


The aim of the study is to find out whether there is a significant difference between scientific attitude and different type of school students, for which the survey method has been adapted. Random sampling technique has been used for the present study for the selection of sample. The sample of the study includes the higher secondary school students in Trichy District. The Scientific attitude scale standardised by J.K. Sood and R.P. Sandhya. (1979) have been used to find out influence of scientific attitude and different type of school students.Students think of science as "hard," "cold" and isolated from humanity. We need help in dispelling these ideas. You can make a difference by your interest in improving science education through personal contact with students. Science material appears "hard" because of the unfamiliar vocabulary and symbols, and perceived higher level thinking processes necessary to comprehend the concepts. There appears to be a need for a systematic approach to learning written scientific material.

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