Comparative study for energy saving methods using the turbulator devices and nanofluids of circular tube

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Bhavik Patel, R.M. Sarviya, S.P.S. Rajput


This paper aims to examine different methods that have been used in a heat exchanger tube to improve the rate of heat transfer in order to save energy or material requirement. Several methods can be used to increase heat transfer in heat exchangers, including swirl generation tools in the flow that alter the flow motion, disturbing the boundary layer, resulting in higher heat transfer rate, and combining nanoparticles to form nanofluid to enhance the base fluid's thermophysical properties. The effects of wire coil, twisted tape, and swirl flow generator inserts including their modifications on factors like heat transfer rate and friction factor, a number of tube inserts are reviewed in this paper. Many recent studies have been presented that show the behaviour of nanofluids inside a heat exchanger and the impact of nanoparticles shape, size, concentration and flow rate ofnanofluid on the thermal conductivity, coefficient of heat transfer, thermal resistance, and drop in pressure. The merits and demerits of using inserts and nanofluids as the heat transfer enhancementmethods are detailed for future reference in this area.This paper reviews activities related to that of the utilisation of various tube inserts and nanofluids in order to be comprehended the impact in terms of the flow of fluid and thermal performance factor.

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