The Power of Pleasure Reading in Digital Era- An Exhilarating Journey to Promote Success in Learning Environment among Youth

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Dr.V.Vanitha, Dr. V. Sabariraja , Mrs. K. Rajalakshmi


Reading is the most basic of basics. Reading is a tool of acquisitive mind; it is a vehicle for obtaining ideas that cannot be transmitted verbally. The child who reads is a successful child: more likely to succeed academically; more likely to succeed socially; and more likely to be inquisitive about the world around them, may be even to feel empowered to try to change it for the better. Reading for pleasure provide learner the language input they need for further development because through extensive reading learners are constantly exposed to foreign language. Those learners who are always engaged in the target language application and stand a better chance of learning. With the rapid changes in information technology, there is a tremendous change in means of communication. A paradigm shift in information delivery from just information to infotainment has also affected the preferences of the information seekers. Teenagers are a demographic group under transition and they are not untouched by these rapid changes in technology and their impact on their reading preferences. The study shows the reasons for the lack of reading among youth and the importance of recreational reading. The primary scrutiny by the researcher revealed that students have low interest towards reading and the majority of these students do not know how to read, and thus, they are faced with reading challenges. Therefore, the resolution of the study is to determine the overall reading achievement and the importance of recreational reading.

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