A Comparative Study On Challenges Encountered Among The First And Subsequent Generation Prospective Teachers

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Mrs. H. A. Anbu Selvi , Dr. S. Devasahayam Selvakumar


The study finds out the Challenges Encountered generally faced by prospective teachers. The need of the study is to investigate the role of the teacher which is not only a transmitter of knowledge, rather he/she has to be the powerful instrument for learning culture and values.  The B.Ed. prospective teachers are the sample group. Among them the investigator selected 1010 students of B.Ed. programme, by applying stratified random sampling technique.  They have lot of challenges or barriers in pursuing their studies in the fast-changing world. The objectives of the study: (A) To find the levels of Challenges Encountered along with its Dimensions among the First and Subsequent Generation Prospective teachers (B) To find whether there is any significant difference in the means scores of “Challenges Encountered” along with its respective dimensions, among the first and subsequent generation prospective teachers with regard to                      (i) All students,  (ii) students from nuclear family and (iii) Students from joint family. Multi-Dimensional Challenges Inventory, validated by R. Doss John (2013) with some modifications had been used to find out Multi-Dimensional Challenges of Prospective Teachers.  The major findings were analysed and discussed in the paper.

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