Fuzzy Based ICMP-RPL for IOT in enhancing the Performance and Network Life

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P Srikanth, Prof S Pallam Shetty, Venkata Krishna Rao K


The advent of Internet of Things in the real world environment paves for heterogeneous connectivity among Things/Objects for real world interaction via internet. Internet a best effort model using IPv4 needs to be replaced with IPv6 a QoS Model for exponential increase in Real world connections for existence of IOT. As IETF has suggested a Routing protocol RPL for IOT in sustaining the needs of constrained devices. In contrast of transforming IPv4 to IPv6 a best effort to QoS, ICMP is identified for achieving reliability in QoS. Here we are implementing Fuzzy Logic based approach for fine tuning of de-facto parameter value of ICMP for enhancement of performance and network life time of RPL. RPL implementation with  Fuzzy logic reduces the power consumption by 3.65% and delay by 3.57%.

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