Software-Defined Network Controller & Flow Setup

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Anil Singh Parihar , Varun Kumar Singh


Software-defined networking (SDN) delivers a high level of preoccupation to the network engineers to control the traffic of networks and manage the connected network resources. As it is a traditional switch controller sequence, generating or operating a network becomes more manageable for the engineers. On the performance of the network flow process, this approach is capable of providing a measurable result. In the internet platform, day by day, the connectivity of devices has increased in a wide range across the world. In addition to this, networking applications also continuously grow each year to balance the entire procedure.

In addition to internet users, networking fundamentals also expand to be more composite at a quick rate. In various early studies, researchers proposed the different layers of Software-defined networking (SDN) to identify its impact on controlling the setup of the internet network. This process is capable of providing flexible, dynamic, and climbable management and management for networks. Accompanied with the SDN approach, the networking site operating process can be 100% better than other traditional cycles. A single controller due to the heavy load in the internet accessing process can cause a serious issue and cause traffic for the users.

The researcher in this study adopted the mixed method of data collection and mixed method of data analysis. Several research methods have also been used to collect and analyze relevant data in this research study. The result of this research procedure shows the advantage along with the benefits of this cycle. In addition, the result highlights the other traditional network traffic to identify the effectiveness of the distributed nature of SDN. It highlighted successfully that the given solutions in this study could reduce latency and similarity with existing hardware design and protocol. The study is expected to qualify a wide range of distribution of Software-defined networking (SDN) hypotheses in order to provide a flexible flow of hardware modifications.

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