GPS attached Smart Foot Device for Women Safety

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N.S.Kavitha, Jim Mathew Philip


Women safety is a bigger issue in India now-a-days with advanced technology. Women are feeling unsafe when they are travelling alone. In this paper, a device is developed when the women feel unsafe, to help the women who are in danger. An attempt has been made to develop a smart device that can assist. The device is clipped to the footwear of the user that can be triggered discreetly without the knowledge of the perpetuator. On tapping one foot behind the other foot, an alert message is generated and sent via GSM module which is attached to the Arduino.  The device is programmed for sending an alert message and location of the device via GSM module. The location of the device is detected using GPS attached to the device. The results obtained were analyzed using Naïve Bayes classifier and this low cost device showed an overall accuracy of 96%.


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