Analytical Overview On Rajputi Women Clothing From Historical Evidences

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In India, a very critical political situation has been observed after the downfall of Gupta Empire. There was a vacuum and the formation of an empire was pivoted and this ambition became the heritage of Rajputs of early medieval period. By the 17th century, Rajput’s established a well-defined pattern of existence. In this time, the hopefulness of holding an authoritarian sway in whole of India gave the Brahman Hindus these warriors, the Rajput clans, as protector. Clothing style of Rajasthan from historical era can be traced from literary evidences, archaeological and visual materials. Illustrations and painted characters from manuscripts, stupas and miniature paintings are also one of the resources to collate the idea of historical Rajasthan garments. The Mughal influence can be seen in socio cultural aspects in different regions. The impact was largely visible in cuisine and clothing style.  The costumes of women, which appear in Rajput miniature paintings as a fashion statement of that period, are highly embedded with design aesthetics and engineered techniques, which probably is the consequence of amalgamation of indigenous styles with immigrated traditions of different cultures.

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