A Study on Emerging Strategic Performance Management Trends for a Competitive Advantage among IT Employees in Post Covid'19

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E. Nivedha , Dr.M.N. Prabadevi


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic condition of the country has faced a great downfall and millions of employees have lost their jobs. However the IT sector initiative “ Work from Home” is a saviour for many companies which would have otherwise shut down in this crisis. It is becoming the “New Normal” now. The study aims to bring out various emerging strategic performance management trends in post COVID-19 situation. In this study both primary and secondary data have been used. Primary data was collected from 55 respondents. Statistical tools are used for analyzing the data such as Chi-square test, One-way Anova and frequency. This paper puts light on the various strategies which can be followed by the employers to improve the work performance of the employees during pandemic situations.

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