Learning centred around Self, a Catalyser in Post-Merger Organizational Change & Integration

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Kantharao VN


This article is about Action Research effort over 3 years, in a business organization which had gone through a recent merger between an Indian & European manufacturing organizations. The attempt is about organizational Integration between merged entities, with contrasting cultures, orientations work practices and world views. Article covers the entire cycle of Diagnosis, Intervention , Execution and Measuring  influence of learning Interventions. Based on organizational diagnosis of two entities, a comprehensive learning Interventions were designed and executed. Article highlights in detail one learning intervention focussed on integration of contrasting world views and  transition challenges.

Attempt is also made to measure the influence of learning Interventions on the learners, based on Transformative Learning theory of  Mezirow (1978). Empirical data from Learning Activity Survey developed by King ( 2009) indicated, learning interventions significantly influenced Learners Transformative Learning experiences. Particular  learning intervention focussed on  contrasting orientations and opposing world views showed highest incidence of influence,  maximum of 70-90% of learners experienced  incidence of Transformative Learning.       

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