AI for Human Capital Management and Development

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Professor Dr. Boonton Dokthaisong, Dr.Dhirawit Pinyonatthagarn


Human capital development is the key factor to deal with the transformation of disruptive technology where AI will become the wave of change in the fourth industrial revolution. By then, the behavior and attitude of individuality will have been affected by the high speed of change. Therefore, the expert team, the innovation concept, the thinking design, the mind map and the mind – set must be rapidly re – arranged from Big data, the machine learning, AI, internet of fintech, mobile banking, social banking virtual reality, and simulation must be introduced for learning and training to develop the human capital management, for both public and private organizations. This paper will focus on AI and robots will come to replace workers as helper to manager and staff in the office. AI will be the factor impacting the Labor force, the personnel managers and productive procedures. If we are not able to cope with change, those said managers and workers will be a useless class of people.


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