Junk Mail Analysis And Blocking

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Jauffar Sadiq A. , Jai Sharma


Email is one of the important tools used to send and receive the information.  Through email the internet users can send and receive images, text files, audio and video images.  Comparing other communication medium email is the simple and easiest way with low cost. Spam is the one type of the email message.  Spam is the unwanted message.  From 2004 onwards this unwanted messages are spread through internet. The advertisers send about their product and services through internet to multiple groups of peoples. The social problems are also sending to this type of spam mails.  Most of the internet users are affected by this type of spam messages. Sometimes this spam messages contains malwares.  If the user opens this malware spam message, the device entirely crashed.  Hackers also try to collect the confidential information from the users through spam mail.  To avoid such kind of problem various filter concepts are used.  This article proposed a Naïve Bayes concept to filter the unwanted messages. Compared with other classifiers Naïve Bayes approach provides better result.


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