Role Of Strategies In Overcoming Learning Disabilities In Dyscalculia Among Primary School Students

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M.Manivannan, Dr. M. Parimala Fathima


The primary schools play a vital role in all round development of children. Even in the primary level, more attention has been focused on such concepts such as mathematical scientific, linguistic and social and thereby the children are forced to mug up the content without any consideration to their learning abilities. Most of the teachers fail to understand and find out the learning disabilities of their children at the primary level. The most widely recognized kinds of learning disabilities include issues with reading, writing, math, reasoning, listening, and speaking. While each child experiences difficulty with schoolwork occasionally, if a specific territory of learning is reliably tricky, it may show a learning issue. Learning disabilities are due to hereditary as well as neurobiological factors that change cerebrum working in a way which influences at least one intellectual cycle identified with learning. These handling issues can interfere with learning essential aptitudes, for example, reading , writing as well as math. They can likewise interfere with more significant level abilities, for example, association, time arranging, conceptual thinking, long or short memory and consideration. Realize that learning disabilities can influence a person's life past scholastics and can affect associations with family, friends and in the work environment. Dyscalculia is a condition that influences the capacity to obtain arithmetical aptitudes. Dyscalculia students may experience issues understanding straightforward number ideas, do not have an instinctive handle of numbers, and have issues learning number realities and strategies. Dyscalculia is in this way observed to be particular learning disabilities and requires determination just as help separated from classroom teaching.  However, only few studies have been centered around dyscalculia and approaches to conquer it. It is exceptionally fundamental for teachers to embrace creative procedures of teaching to meet the needs of dyscalculia students. The utilization of technique may encourage the process of mathematical exploration in dyscalculia children. To be truly fruitful in maths, one needs to clearly numbers and numerical circumstances.

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