Using Waterfall Model in Teaching Writing Skills for Iraqi Fifth Secondary School Students

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Asst. Prof. Dr. Wiaam A. Albayati, Asst. Prof. Sabeeha Hamza


As the world tends to become text-oriented, writing has been identified as one of the most important skills. Writing is a complex activity that is believed to be effective in teaching and learning of English as a foreign/second language. Thus, this study sheds the light on one of the teaching strategies, namely waterfall model, used to improve students' writing skills. The aim of the present study is to identify the impact of waterfall model in teaching writing skill and to enhance Iraqi Fifth Preparatory students' performance in writing by using one of the social media programs. A control and an experimental group have been chosen for the required experiment; each group is of 37 students. Then, a T-test formula has been used to analyze the results. The study has, eventually, proved that the students of the experimental group showed better a performance in writing due to the use of the waterfall model; that model has been considered more useful, enjoyable, and suitable to teach writing skill than the traditional method.

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