Analysis Of The Accessibility Of Portable Water Among Urban And Rural Poor

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Levi Udochukwu Akah, David Adie Alawa, Martina Ayibeya Apie, Joseph Odey Ogabor, Pauline Ekun Ekuri


This is an analysis of accessibility of portable water among inhabitants of Cross River State of Nigeria. A sample of two thousand (2000) was studied form among male and female junior public servants (GL1-6). Data for the study were collected using a structured questionnaire and analyzed using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). The result of the analysis showed an insignificant difference in accessibility/utilization of portable water between urban and rural dwellers. But a significant difference was found among people of various poverty levels with regards to accessibility/utilization of portable water in Cross River State of Nigeria. Based on the findings it was recommended among others that government should review her water policy to enable the poor have access to portable water without any financial burden.

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