Macro-Economic effect of Remittance: A case study of Pakistan Sumair Farooq a

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Sumair Farooq


Remittances are the major  of  South Asian economies . A large number of migrants migrate from their countries to multiple places and they send remittances to their homes. This research highlights a strong connection between remittances and their macro-economic effects on Pakistan. Some of the researches have been conducted on the remittances in Pakistan and most of them focused on two categories either on the migration or on the flow of remittances in the South Asian countries. But this study attempted to provide a view not only on the flow of remittances over the last decade but also established connections between flow of remittances and macro-economic growth in this country.

This research conducted on important country of South Asia namely: Pakistan. The main focus of this research is to define inwards flow of remittances and its macro-economic effect. The expected finding of this research will be the facts that the selected country’ financial condition largely dependent on remittances sent by their overseas diasporas.

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