Gold Investing Behavior through E-Commerce Platforms

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Dewi Tamara, Anom B.R. Seto, Dodi Kurniawan, Kevin N. Hamonangand


This research aims to determine variables such as attitude, perceived social pressure, perceived behavioral control, perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, and perceived security and its effect towards intentions in gold investing on e-commerce platforms. Quantitative data was collected from 153 respondents selected by purposive sampling method. Online questionnaire was distributed to the respondent’s located majority in Jabodetabek area. Proposed hypothesis was tested using PLS-SEM method. This research concluded that attitude and perceived behavioral control have a significant effect towards intention. Perceived usefulness also has a significant effect towards attitude; hence attitude successfully mediates the relation between perceived usefulness and intention. E-commerce platforms developers are encouraged to initiate an education process to consumers or increase the investment value or benefit in hope of attracting more consumers to invest in the platform. The results of the research prove the lack of Indonesian consumers awareness towards gold investment in e-commerce platforms

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