Digitalization of Labor and Marketing Performance; A Perspective of Digital Era

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Tiwa Park


The digital marketing is growing rapidly as its most convininet and reliable method of analyzing or changing the consumer behavior. To develop the efficient digital marketing campings, digitalization of labor is manadatory. Thus, this study aimed to investigate the effect of digital labor activities and social networks on performance. Moreover, these relationships were investigated with mediating role of innovation. To analyze the comprehensive model of this research, AMOS software was used. The results highlighted that the digital labor activities and social networks significantly effect the performance. In addition, the innovation significantly mediates these relationships. This research is helpful for marketing analysts, freelancers, leaders and digital marketing managers for making effective strategies to increase the marketing performance with help of digital labor activities and innovation. The study has used the overall aspect of innovation and future studies can used the furgal innovation to address the digitalization in small and medium entreprises.

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