The Role of Entrepreneurial Education in Spreading the Entrepreneurship Culture and Contributing to the Establishment of Small and Medium Enterprises to Advance the Algerian Economy during the Period 2013-2019

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Fatima ACHA, Dr. Roumaissa MOUSSAOUI, Dr. Lotfi CHABANI


The present research focuses on the contribution of entrepreneurial education in spreading the culture of entrepreneurship and the spirit of entrepreneurship to establish investment projects, especially small and medium enterprises, and the latter’s contribution to improving aggregates and ratios related to economic and social development in Algeria, by relying on a statistical and analytical study. It concluded that there are several levels of university education intervention in reviving entrepreneurship. It also highlighted the status of several institutions and mechanisms by the Algerian government working to support small and medium enterprises in addition to the effective contribution of these projects in operation, the production of added value and the increase in the gross domestic product and its role in foreign trade.

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