Socio Economic Status Of Exodus Employees In Tamil Nadu

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Dr S Allah Baksh, MD Bilal KV


This paper brings out the socio-economic condition of the exodus employees in Tamil Nadu. We analyse the income patterns, remittance structure, their consumption and nature of work especially in leather industries.  Generally, Tamilnadu is boasting of good number of leather industries. It enables to improve the production of leather goods of very high quality. A large number of employees from northern states of India are travelling to Tamil Nadu for earning their lively hood. We came to know that large number of exodus labour arrive to Tamil Nadu through the informal networks which guide them in getting jobs in leather goods manufacturing industries. poor economic conditions in their native places and high wage rate and better employment opportunities in Tamil Nadu have been identified as few of the main reasons of their migration. Even after their migration, due to unsatisfied income level, the dwelling status of the exodus labourers are not much satisfactory, these exodus employees don’t have good standard of living along with unhygienic sanitation. There are various reasons for the exodus labour to arrive in Tamil nadu. This paper tries to point out those factors and the post migration situation of these exodus labourers.

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