Outbreak of Knowledge Management Processes on Service Sector: Impact, Challenges & Performance

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Dr. Rajeev Vashisht, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma


This research explains & to set up a  linkage between knowledge based management processes & service sector organisational  performance  in  knowledge  based service  sectors.  The basic parameters  of  the knowledge based management processes have also been identified & discussed which could impact the service sector organisational performance. Statistics has been framed for the empirical investigation of the significant relationships among all these research oriented constructs. Inter-item Correlation analysis & Discriminant Validity analytical tool , t-statistic of Hypothetical Research Model tool  & reliability tools & techniques have efficiently been used to test all such  hypotheses with a sample size of 320 knowledge employees from private colleges or institutions, information technology companies & private banks to investigate the analytical study between the factors. All the 04 research based hypotheses were equally supported. The hypotheses testing justified the identify the basic parameters of Knowledge Management as the critical successive factors in the context of service sector organisational performance. The major implications of the research would also be enable the strategic planning performers to ease their process of knowledge management in a more effective way so it can be enhanced the service sector organisational performance.

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