“Impact of Covid-19, on HR Practices in IT Sectors”

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Prof. Nisha Rajan,


Today we are living in the digital era. In this age of Information Technology, any information can be found through the internet with a single click. However, in reality, the field of 'information technology' is not limited to the Internet. Information Technology (IT) is a major contributor to the radical changes in the way of our life as well as information. IT sectors in India are facing so many challenges. In addition to that, the pandemic situation has created more crisis in the sector. The high speed of community transfer of covid-19 changed all aspects of human life including the IT Sector and jobs in IT sectors.  The pandemic situation has created a challenging environment for human resource management (HRM). They have been playing a central role to keep their workforce to cope up with the challenges and get engaged, productive and resilient, through online mode. Most of the employees are still working on online mode or in other words, we can say work from home. There are several platforms such as Google meet, zoom meet, WebEx meet, etc. used by organizations to work in pandemic situations. Current work is an attempt to focus on the impact of Covid-19, on HR practices in IT Sectors with special reference to Bangalore.

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