Political communication through twitter by AAP on state assembly election in Delhi 2020: An empirical study

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Sunil Kumar


Social Media has become indispensable today for any kind of elections across the globe. India is one of the major emerging countries using social media for political communication after USA. Knowing the power of social media Aam Admi Party (AAP) used twitter as main political communication platform during assembly election in Delhi, 2020. When mainstream media were not supporting AAP party, social media came as an immediate risqué in this juncture.  AAP party soon realized the power of social media and started bombarding their agenda through social media specially ‘Twitter’. Rest is the history. Everybody knows how AAP party won the election in 2020 assembly election with thumbing majority.

The current research is based on the this theme and tries to analyze the power of twitter as political communication tools during assembly election 2020 and its relative impact on AAP party win.  The empirical results analysis ‘twitter’ and its uses for political communication.

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