Controversy of form and meaning in Donald Judd's illustrations

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Farah mohammed jawad, Hamdiya Kadum Roudan


      As a result of the effects of the Second World War in Europe, artistic and literary currents emerged in the fifties of the twentieth century, which represented a recent artistic and literary revival, and it represented a complete revolution against the culture of enlightenment that had prevailed for a long time.

In light of this, the dialectic of form and meaning has been witnessed in many eras, since the Greek era until our time, passing through the Greek era, the European Renaissance, the Middle Ages, the era of modernity and postmodernity.

Minimalism art was one of the currents of postmodern art in which the dialectic between form and meaning of clear elements appeared, especially at the hands of one of the artists of reductionist art, the artist Donald Joe.

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